Disposable Surgical Lavage Systems (Internal battery pack type)

Description :The Disposable Surgical Lavage System (Model WZ-WPL-01) is powered by 7 x 1.2v regular AA batteries and provides effective wound debridement following orthopedic procedures in trauma and joint arthroplasty.

Advantage :

1.Increase penetration between bone cement and osteotomy surface.
2.Reduce the incidence rate of fat embolism
3.Reduce the loosen rate of the implant,reduce reconstruction rate for artificial joint arthroplasty
4.Effective and rapidly cleansing of necrotic tissues,bacteria and foreign materials,minimizes risk of wound infection,accelerate wound healing.
5.Enlarge operation vision,shorten operation time.
6.Reduce the use of the dosage of antibiotics,save cost
7.Decrease the post-operative rate of adhesion.

Application :

In trauma case 

Surgical Lavage system WZ-WPL-01 d

In spinal surgery

Surgical Lavage system WZ-WPL-01 b

In total knee arthroplasty procedure

Surgical Lavage system WZ-WPL-01 a

In total hip arthroplasty procedure

Surgical Lavage system WZ-WPL-01 c